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3 things we can tell you right now about how technology is changing restaurants forever [Video]

There are a lot of things impacting the food and beverage industry at once, from consumers being the biggest collective tastemakers, through to one click delivery of your favourite cuisine right to your door.

One paradigm that binds all these critical innovations together is the impact of technology. At this years GRIF we were fortunate enough to have Emmanuel Clave attend as both a speaker and sponsor on behalf of XN Protel Systems – the cloud-based hospitality management system.  We could not resist asking this technology industry veteran what he thought about how technology is impacting the restaurant industry. These are the three biggest takeaways from our exclusive backstage interview with him.

1. Restaurateurs need to hire people that understand the new customers

It seems the smartest way to know your customer is to hire people just like them, especially when it comes to your marketing efforts and methods of communication.

2. Wallets won’t be coming to dinner – mobiles will

Customers taking food photos are promoting your restaurant.  Waiters tapping orders into a smart device are feeding your point of sale systems.  And customers are now looking increasingly to their mobiles for a quick and easy payment option.  For these reasons, mobile devices are touching more and more parts of the consumer experience and are now definitely here to stay.

3. Let’s face it – no-one can accurately predict the future

The disruptive technology that will be talking about in three years is yet to be born according to Emmanuel.  Seemingly the best advice we can offer at this stage is to watch every major trend coming down the line and think about how your customers will engage with it and your brand.

At GRIF 2017, Emmanuel was joined by an all-star panel of restauranteurs and technologists, so if you would like to dive deeper into the biggest trends impacting the industry, take a look at the full panel session here.

Participants in the panel were:

Rohit Sachdev – Managing Director – Soho Hospitality
Emmanuel Clave – VP Gulf Countries and India – Xn Protel Systems
Sarah Hawilo – CEO – SerVme
Ian Ohan – Founder and CEO – Freedom Pizza
Marc Robitzkat – Global Director Marketing Technology – Sealed Air Diversey Care