Damien Drapp on the podcast

UberEATS Dubai GM Damien Drap on standing out in a competitive delivery market

6 months into the launch of UberEATS in Dubai, we caught up with General Manager Damien Drap to discuss the reason behind why they came to the market, the size of the opportunity and where they fit in as a data provider for restaurants.

Damien will be speaking on the “Third Party Delivery: Friend or Foe” GRIF panel, at 14:45 on Weds 12th April alongside Alborz Tofani, CEO of Snappcard and Anis Harb, GM of Deliveroo.

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Here are some of the questions that formed the key discussion points in this short interview:

  • Having recently expanded into the UAE, what are your plans/ambitions in the market?
  • What other opportunities for growth do you see in the region, and globally?
  • What differentiates UberEats from other deliver providers?
  • As a “disruptor” in the industry, how do you feel you are impacting the restaurant business – from investment, design to business models?
  • Where do the synergies lie between restaurants and third-party delivery providers?
  • What future opportunities do you see for the industry?

Interviewed by Raj Kotecha (GRIF).


Photo credit for featured image: KP Coupon.