UK restaurants flatten revenue expectations as BREXIT impacts everything from food costs to staffing.

Bench Events, the organisers of the Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF) organise a series of advisory boards to help programme our future events.  London remains a key market where a stellar gathering of industry leaders came to debate the hot topics affecting the industry.

Chaired by Bench Events Managing Director, Middle East, Jennifer Pettinger-Haines (connect via LinkedIn), a number of subjects were covered from delivery technology to finance.

A standout subject was, of course, BREXIT.  This two-minute special covers the big observations that rose to the top of the conversation.

Key quotes include:

“Some of the service industry is going to suffer in the years to come.  We might see a hike in prices.”
Heleri Rande, (The Puccini Group)

“Revenue expectations are flattening…all the way down the profit and loss accounts of businesses, there are uncertainties and challenges.”
Trevor Watson, (David Coffer Lyons)

“It’sdefinitelyy affecting everything from the work force, to food costs, to outside investment”
Thom Eliot, (Pizza Pilgrims)

“Given many of our food items are imported, there is going to be a cost increase there I’m sure”
James Hacon, (Thai Leisure Group)